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Traveling with a Knife

  • Purchase an AKTI Luggage Tag
  • Traveling with Knives Presents Challenges
  • Exercise caution when traveling on commercial airlines with your knife. Knives are allowed in your checked baggage. The final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any items, or persons for that matter, on the plane. Also, please note that some knives are illegal in certain states and passengers will be subject to state law. It is a passenger’s responsibility to be aware that origination and destination cities may have local laws prohibiting the possession of certain types of knives (even if you have it in your checked luggage).
  • Airline Prohibited Items – Knives are allowed in your checked baggage.
  • Amtrak Prohibited Items – Knives are not specifically listed, but apparently are banned.

Knives and Encounters with Law Enforcement

If the Police Stop You When You Have a Knife
  • Remain calm and polite.
  • Do NOT resist a law enforcement officer physically.
  • Do NOT answer any questions except your name and address.  Politely ask to consult your attorney.  If the police continue to ask questions, repeat your request.  You may want to add, “I would like to cooperate fully, but I must consult with my attorney first.” (Note: some persons are required by law due to their legal situation to provide additional information.)
  • Do NOT consent to a search without a warrant.  If the police implied or expressly promise you (You will not go to jail if you consent) or threaten you (You will go to jail if you do not consent), simply say “Please get a Search Warrant, if you have probable cause.”
  • If you do not answer any other questions except your name and address, you do not have to acknowledge your knife is anything, such as a weapon, tool, concealed or not concealed, etc. that could cause additional problems.
If the Police Arrest You When You Have a Knife
  • Ask for an attorney. Do not say anything else. You have the right to make a phone call (but only when the police decide to afford you the opportunity. Be patient, but continue to insist at the earliest possible time.
  • Expect that you will be fingerprinted and photographed. Be aware that when you are being processed, you will be asked many other questions. Again, give background information, but do no mention anything regarding the matter for which you have been arrested or other potential “criminal” information, such as “Do you use drugs?”, “Do you have a criminal record?” These officials are attempting to induce to waive your right to silence and to the presence of an attorney, by encouraging you to speak.
  • Do not talk to anyone else in the jail or any law enforcement officers about your case.
  • The Police by law must take you immediately before a Magistrate or Judge for the setting of a bail. If they delay unnecessarily, this may be an issue that your attorney may raise prior to trial. You may want to politely ask- “Don’t you have to take me immediately before a Magistrate or Judge for the setting of a bail?”
  • At the first opportunity, make written notes of every event and words that were used. Contact any potential witnesses, to make then available for your legal team, but do not tell them what to say.
  • If you have any materials on social media relating to this matter, remove it from public dissemination and provide it to your attorney.
  • If you are arrested outside of your home, do not return to the home for anything, as the police will accompany you, while looking for other incriminating evidence.
  • If you are arrested inside of your home, simply leave immediately with the police.
  • Refer your attorney to the AKTI.org website for resources to help with your case.

Defense Attorneys

AKTI is developing a growing list of defense attorneys who will consult with a defendant’s attorney on knife cases. Any fee involved after the referral is the responsibility of the defense attorney. Contact AKTI. If you are a defense attorney who would like to participate, please contact us. Please indicate the states where you are licensed to practice.

Expert Witnesses

When a case goes to trial, your defense attorney may need an expert witness for a pre-trial hearing or for the trial itself. AKTI maintains a list of knife experts who may be qualified to testify. AKTI is also soliciting additional knife industry figures who may be available locally or regionally to appear on behalf of clients. Fees for the expert witness are the responsibility of the defense attorney. If you either need an expert witness or would like to become one, contact AKTI.

Discussion Forums

If you want to discuss various knives, ownership and issues with other interested knife owners, check out these popular Forums:


AKTI thanks the industry knife publications for their support by supplying complimentary advertisements and printing AKTI news.


Internet Resources

  • Knife Glossary – provided by A.G. Russell on the A.G. Russell Knives website
  • Steel Guide Chart – properties of stainless and non-stainless steel provided by A. G. Russell on his website
  • Guide to the Best Knife Steel – description of different steel properties and types of knife steel on Best Pocket Knife Today review website

Also see our sources on Contacting Legislators or Finding Knife Laws for more information.

Counterfeit Knives

Looking for a Knife?

If you are searching for information on products, there are several knife magazines serving the industry that publish information and advertising. Many industry manufacturers and suppliers maintain websites where they describe their products. If you are searching for the value of a knife, information on knifemaking, or historical information, there are numerous books available at local libraries or from publishers plus collectors’ associations and other organizations who specialize in this information.